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The 1838 Railway Bridge
Weir, South of Garratt Park
Cable Duct at Riverside Road
The meeting of the Waters
Cottages at the Watermeads
Tranquillity, Morden Hall Park
Graceful bridge, Morden Hall Park
Rushes, Morden Hall Park
Merton Abbey Wheel House
Water Power
Inside the Wheel House
Upstream, Merton Abbey
Still waters, Morden Hall Park


Wandle Heritage Ltd

Registered Office
12th Floor,
Merton Civic Centre,
London Road, Morden,
Surrey SM4 5DX.

Wandle Heritage Ltd Logo
Wandle Heritage Ltd Logo

  • The Wandle Industrial Museum

    Preserves and promotes the heritage of the Wandle Valley. It offers advice, exhibitions, lectures, walks and publications.


  • The London Borough of Merton's Heritage Centre

    Merton Heritage Centre tells the story of Merton and its people, past and present, through a changing programme of exhibitions and special events.


    Other Useful & Interesting Local Websites

  • The Wimbledon Society Museum of Local History

    A small intimate museum in which they show you, in pictures, words and objects, the three thousand year history of Wimbledon. The staff you'll meet there are friendly local people who are proud of their history and they will gladly help you in any way they can.at:


  • The Wimbledon Society

    The Wimbledon Society is the parent organisation of The Wimbledon Society Museum of Local History. It celebrates its centenary in 2003. For information about its many contributions to the enjoyment of life in Wimbledon, visit its website at:


  • The Wimbledon Windmill Museum

    The story of windmills and milling told with working models and the machinery and tools of the trade. A great family outing with hands-on exhibits for children.


  • The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum

    Re-live those special Wimbledon moments as you view the world famous Centre Court, the magnificent Championship trophies and highlights of great players in action from the 1920's to the present day.


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